Culture and Tradition 

Traditional Sangrain Water fastival In Marma's People
The Marmas are great lovers of music and drama. Before the advent of the cinema and television throngs of Marma youth in their best attire would pass the better part of a night watching folk dances and operatic performances.
Dance of Tala
The Marmas are very fond of fairs. They have the peculiar knack of converting even their religious festivals into occasions of fun and gaiety. 
Traditionally, both men and women are fond of smoking pipes and cigars, all locally made. Rice beer or distilled rice spirits are very popular among the men. Among the Marma, there are both swidden agriculturists and sedentary rice farmers. 
Dance of Tala (Mong dath Ceromony)
Of the hill peoples of the region the Marma usually make the best traders although the Chakma are also trying hard to become retail traders. 
Zum Women
The Marma language is soft and poetic and even people who do not understand Marma love to hart marma songs

Created By : Sha Khai Noyou Marma
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